Studio Amenities

  • 5,960 sq ft
  • Programmable lockers
  • Women’s locker room with 4 showers and dry bar
  • Men’s locker room with 2 showers
  • Complimentary shoe rental and towel service
  • Changing room
  • Purified water refilling station
  • State of the art sound system


Best Parking

  • Parking Meters run 8AM – 6PM  (FREE on Sunday)
  • Waban Parking Lot (off Church Street)
  • MBTA Commuter Rail Parking Lot

Wellesley Staff

Emily Katz

Director of Studios

HometownPortsmouth, New Hampshire

Fun FactI lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico & Madrid, Spain with host families and LOVE speaking Spanish at any opportunity!

Kristina Borstein

Assistant Studio Manager

HometownWest Hartford, CT

Fun FactI have a dual citizenship: U.S. & Sweden

Rachel Lehman

Content Manager

HometownNorfolk, MA

Fun FactI studied abroad for 6 months in London.

Anna D'Alleva

Studio Lead

HometownNewton, MA

Fun FactI stood for 46 hours without sitting or sleeping in Penn State’s annual dance marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer.

Kian Khadem

Front Desk

HometownBrookline, MA

Fun FactI have a bunny who is the love of my life.

Hannah Moriggi

Front Desk

HometownBlackstone, MA

Fun FactI admit kids into college for a living.

Courtlyn Kramer

Front Desk

HometownSelinsgrove, PA

Fun FactMy first career aspiration was to be a roller skating waitress.

Jae Hamilton

Front Desk

HometownSherborn, MA

Fun FactMy spirit animal is a hammerhead shark.

Katie Klotzberger

Front Desk

HometownWest Hurley, NY

Fun FactI like to laugh.

Kat Markmann

Front Desk

HometownWeston, MA

Fun FactI was born in Los Angeles.

Corrine Beatrice

Front Desk

HometownNewton, MA

Fun FactI have 10 siblings.

David Lockwood

Front Desk

HometownManchester, NH and Wellfleet, MA

Fun FactI’ve helped found three different start ups.

Matthew Minahan

Front Desk

HometownFranklin, MA

Fun FactI’m allergic to chocolate.

Lilly Frohlich

Front Desk

HometownRye, NY

Fun FactI’m born on leap day so have only had a few birthdays.

Elena Bartholomew

Front Desk

HometownWestwood, MA

Fun FactI can burp the ABC's.

Paula Rodriguez

Front Desk

HometownWellesley, MA

Fun FactI go to school in Madrid!

Molly Carbin

Front Desk

HometownScarborough, ME

Fun FactI can unicycle and juggle but can’t do both at the same time.

Julia Wilson

Front Desk

HometownWellesley, MA

Fun FactI have three sisters.