About Us

Our Philosophy

At B/SPOKE, we believe fitness should be inspiring, rewarding and complementary to all the rest of life’s hustles. For many of us, it’s a form of therapy – a way to forget yesterday, take back today, or change tomorrow. Our approach is equal parts holistic and luxury, on and off the bike, helping our community find a sustainable path to better health and personal growth, all delivered within a spa-like experience. These ingredients combined make B/SPOKE like nothing else.

How We Do It

Fitness is a lifestyle decision. And so we also offer online performance tracking, nutritional advice, exceptional amenities, and a regular journal to act as a loose guide to living a fun, healthy, and balanced life in Boston. We want it all to be as convenient as possible, with classes throughout the day to suit any hectic schedule. No contracts, no hassle, everything done quickly and easily online.

Class Descriptions

  • R/DE

    Our signature ride is a full-body workout comprised of intense cardio, hand weights, and core work all set to amazing playlists and packed into a 45 minute session that will transform the way you look and feel.


    Resistance R/DE is a high-intensity endurance workout set to the beat of the music with minimal choreography and more resistance work than our traditional R/DE class. By combining interval training with heavy climbs, this class format builds strength and endurance, while leaving you breathless.

  • R/DE 60

    Sometimes 45 minutes just isn't enough. When you need the extra push, R/DE 60 leaves you feeling fit and totally worked in the best way. Get ready to test your limits. We'll provide the extra towels.


    We love using our studio and community to help raise funds and awareness for charities of all sorts. If you're interested in hosting your next fundraiser at B/SPOKE, contact us via hello@bspokestudios.com