Off the Bike: September

Off the Bike: September

Tue Oct 17, 2017

Ever wonder what our instructors are doing when they aren’t making you sweat? Read on for a sneak peak into their lives outside the studio walls. Who knows, you might find a new show to binge watch, or a go-to coffee order.


Favorite memory from September?



Kris: Attending the Boston Comedy Festival and seeing Matt Braugner AND Todd Barry and laughing until I cried.


Deja: Lady Gaga at Fenway - I danced. I cried. I conquered.


Chelsea: Standing next to an amazing friend on her wedding day!


Mooch: A quick 20 hour trip to NYC and eating sweet potato fries at a dive bar at 2am


Ali P: We started renovating our house in September. Was super exciting to start seeing walls come down! 


Kelly: running the Berlin marathon (my 22nd full and 4/6 world major) and drinking all the beer in München after 


KTB: My vacation to LA and San Diego… enjoying the beach and eating every taco in sight


ALY: Lady Gaga concert at Fenway AND her documentary on Netflix!



Any concerts/events/trips you’re looking forward to?

Becky: BAA Half Marathon


Kris: Queens of the Stone Age!!


Deja: NPC New England Championships--excited to see the competitors for this year!


Mooch: a trip to my former home, Denver! 


Molly: Trip to Napa!


Ali P: Baby Moon to Amelia Island in Florida


Kelly: Miami for a girls' trip!


KTB: I'm going to Voodoo Festival in New Orleans over Halloween weekend. It's a music festival, nothing satanic I swear. 


Aly: Halloween at B/SPOKE



Go-to coffee order?

Becky: Venti/massive iced coffee - black (like my soul)


Kris: I like my coffee to taste like ice cream. Light and sweet please.


Deja: George Howell Maple Latte 


Chelsea: Herbal tea kind of girl


Mooch: IV style - if that’s not available, black… and a lot of it. 


Molly: Black. Also cannot turn down an almond milk latte from Render in the South End.


Ali P: Boring, black coffee. In moderation, unfortunately.


Kelly: Trying to cut back on coffee so now I am addicted to Matcha Lattes with almond milk from Starbucks


KTB: Venti iced red eye with toffee nut flavor 


Aly: Flat White with coconut milk 



What TV shows are you excited to watch?

Becky: Walking Dead


Kris: Bojack Horseman and the new season of Broad City! Those women are fricken hilarious.


Deja: The Gifted! Anything X-Men related and I’m automatically in


Chelsea: This is Us is back and I could not be more excited!


Mooch: Guilty pleasure, Shark Tank. 


Molly: … Dancing with the Stars.


Ali P: Molly! HA! Who knew!? I’m a sucker for all crime dramas. Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Black List, etc. ALSO: WILL & GRACE!


Kelly: I just started Friends from College and I'm obsessed. 


Aly: Will & Grace and starting Broad City!



Healthy comfort food...GO!

Becky: That’s an oxymoron - but roasted brussel sprouts


Kris: Becky, I see your roasted brussel sprouts and raise you BUFFALO BRUSSEL SPROUTS! (Found at Highland Kitchen in Somerville. SO SO GOOD).


Deja: Pan seared salmon - Grafton Street in Harvard Square has an amazing one


Chelsea: Cauliflower mash. GET IN MY BELLY.


Mooch: Deja I’m with you on that. Home cooked salmon.


Molly: Salmon sashimi all day long


Kelly: ummmm. I'm guessing doesn't count?


KTB: whole wheat crust pizza with lots of veggies – or vegetarian chili 


Aly: turkey chili with corn tortilla chips and avocado 



UNhealthy comfort food...GO!

Becky: PIZZA. Is that a comfort food?


Kris: Ben and Jerry’s Milk and Cookies. 100%. 


Deja: French Fries. Any shape, any kind--bring it on.  


Chelsea: Chocolate chip cookies all day!


Mooch: Deja, we should go out to eat together soon. Potatoes in any shape, size, form. 


Molly: Chocolate and any candy I can get my hands on. MAJOR sweet tooth.


Ali P: Grilled cheese dunked in creamy tomato soup.


Kelly: Mac and cheese and mozzarella sticks. Also, ice cream. 




Aly: Burger & fries ALL DAY



What song(s) have you been playing on repeat?

Becky: “Silence” by Mallo. WHY IS IT SO SHORT.


Kris: “Love Galore” by SZA. 


Deja: “Good Old Days” by Macklemore


Chelsea: “Falls” by ODESZA


Molly: “Black Balloon” by Goo Goo Dolls 


Kelly: “Glorious” by Macklemore; “Havana” by Camila Cabello 


KTB: “Would you ever” by Skrillex



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