Off The Bike: May

Off The Bike: May

Thu May 11, 2017

Ever wonder what our instructors are doing when they aren't making you sweat? Read on for a sneak peak into their lives outside the studio walls. Who knows, maybe you'll find a new show to watch or album to play on repeat.


One thing you loved in / about April?

Aly: Seeing Lady Gaga perform LIVE at Coachella!

Kara: Mad new riders! So cool to teach to brand new humans and make new connections. Also, my 1 year anniversary rides were fireeeeee. Pretty sure I'm still recovering

Deja: I loved those warm days we got - it reminded me of summer just around the corner!

Kris: My birthday on the 18th! I got to celebrate by teaching a lunch double and then eating Bison Bolognese at the Abbey!

Kelly: Starting to teach at the Federal Street studio! And Marathon Monday, of course.

Ali P: On April 1, my pre-maturely born niece came home from the hospital! Being an aunt is nothing short of extraordinary.

KTB: Running the Boston Marathon and hitting a new PR.

Ann: Spending time at the new studio in Wellesley!


Favorite album drop lately?

KTB: Los Amsterdam by Yellow Claw

Deja: Humanz by GORILLAZ!! They're back and forgot how much I missed them.

Kris: Run the Jewels 3

Kara: Kendrick NO QUESTIONS ASKED (Seconded by Kelly)

Ali P: Some of my favorite artists from late high school/college have come out with new albums recently. John Mayer, Incubus, Feist. While they're definitely not my favorite releases from any of them, it's still been fun and nostalgic.


No judgment: craziest cheat meal of the past month?

Ali P: Chicken, pepper and onion quesadilla. Topped with guac, salsa and sour cream. Enjoyed poolside, so it made it that much more delicious.

KTB: Blackbird donuts followed by a giant burger and tater tots from Five Horses (after the marathon!)

Ann: Ummm pizza, pretty much once a week!

Deja: Eek! I mean, I had like 3 whole chocolate bars in a single setting. Does that count?

Kelly: An entire Domino's pizza. And some cheese sticks. Oops.

Kara: Chilaquiles at brunch from my neighborhood spot Loco. To die for.


Any new restaurants you’re looking forward to trying?

Kara: Heard a rumor the new arcade bar in Cambridge is fire. Also I've been dying to eat at Terra inside Eataly.

Kris: Sarma

Kelly: Buttermilk & Bourbon in Back Bay.

Ali P: ReelHouse in Eastie

KTB: I had drinks at Buttermilk & Bourbon recently and I'm dying to go back to try their New Orleans inspired menu. Beignets anyone?

Aly: Les Sablons in Harvard Sq


True confession: a new insta you stalk?

Deja: @Betches - I don't know WHY but I'm just finding out about it and I'm dying at every post.

Kelly: @kaisafit - she has the best at-home workouts

Ali P: @pinchofyum

KTB: @alexia_clark She calls herself "queen of workouts" and for good reason! She has awesome routines.

Aly: I'm surprisingly not an insta stalker, I am a H-core scroller though....will not stop until I have seen it's bad.

Kara: @rememberthishappened

Ann: @emilyschuman founder of Cupcakes & Cashmere


A health / fitness / beauty product you’ve been loving?

Ali P: Sunday Riley Good Genes and Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

KTB: Lululemon just came out with their "fast and free" naked feel tights. They're life changing.

Kris: Naked and Thriving Detox Oil Face Oil

Kelly: I have been stocking up at Follain lately. I love their moisturizers.

Deja: Lash extensions. I dont know how I lived without them.

Aly: My Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Planner, it keeps me organized and inspires me to write.

Kara: VitalFit tart cherry capsules for recovery and Vital Proteins Collagen peptides!


What are you looking forward to in May?

Deja: Memorial Day - It's the official start of summer and half day Friday's at work

Kris: Seeing Nick Cave in Montreal on Memorial Day Weekend with my partner!

Kelly: Setting a PR at the Harpoon 5-Miler!

Ann: Spending more time outside with my son Jack!

Ali P: We kicked off our next instructor training program at B/SPOKE on May 1 - SO excited to work with this group of amazing ladies.

KTB: More sunshine

Aly: B/SPOKE Pop-up at Gurney's in Newport, RI!

Kara: Memorial Day Weekend. AKA: the OFFICIAL start of summer.



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