Off the Bike: July

Off the Bike: July

Fri Jul 14, 2017


Welcome to round three of our monthly Off the Bike series! Ever wonder what our instructors are doing when they aren't making you sweat? Read on for a sneak peak into their lives outside the studio walls. Who knows, you might find some new beats to listen to, or a new book to read on the beach.


Favorite memory from June?

Deja: Competing in the NPC Chicago Jr Nationals (National Bodybuilding Show)

Chelsea: Taking that B/SPOKE stage for the first time - Unbelievably FUN!

Ali P: Renegade R/DE was pretty fantastic.

Christina: Starting at B/SPOKE

Kris: Discovering the comedian Rory Scovel. Check out his netflix special. It's phenomenally hilarious.

KTB: Eating my first lobster roll of the season :)

Aly: Visiting Austin, TX and eating as much BBQ as possible.

Kelly: Being voted Best of Boston!


What did you do for the Fourth of July?

Chelsea: My roof deck, burgers, sunshine, and cocktails.

Kris: Went to the North Shore to grill with my family!

Ali P: Lake Winnipesaukee (obviously)

KTB: Taught and hung out with the B/SPOKE crew down at the Cape House

Deja: Hung out in Boston, enjoying rooftop pools and day drinking :)

Kelly: Took a trip to the beach in New York

Christina: CAPE HOUSE!


The summer hits are here...what has been on repeat?

Aly: Swagon by Detlef

Kris: The new Vince Staples album "Big Fish Theory" and Future's newest self-titled album, trust me

Ali P: If you've taken any of my classes recently, you know how I feel about Phil Collins during the summer.

KTB: Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled just dropped new albums. Every song is a fire summer hit.

Deja: That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

Chelsea: Stay- RL Grimes and I'll Find You - Lecrae

Christina: New Radicals, Bassnectar, Sam Hunt, Illenium


Favorite summer snack for the beach?

Deja: Frozen Fruit - Grapes, Watermelon

Aly: Ice Cold Green Grapes

Ali P: Fresh, cold fruit! Especially watermelon and red grapes.

Christina: Watermelon

Kris: Polar seltzer limited summer editions and veggie straws- they're like potato chips but straw shaped and have some vitamins in them

KTB: Cotton candy grapes and tortilla chips, a little sweet and salty action going on

Chelsea: Fruit of any kind! I know it sounds lame, but its my favorite thing to eat when I working on my tan.

Kelly: Beers ;)

(If you can't tell we are a cold fruit and drinks kind of team at the beach)


One thing you always throw in your beach bag?

KTB: Spiked Seltzers and a Bluetooth speaker for the beach beats

Deja: Shades!

Chelsea: Portable speaker! I love being able to blast the music while I'm on the beach!

Christina: Headphones

Kris: Sunscreen

Kelly: Sunscreen and some beats!

Aly: A portable speaker!

Ali P: A good book or some trashy magazines. Depends on my mood.

Looking for some good beats to throw on at the beach? Look no further than our Cape House 2017 playlist!


Any beach reads that we should put on our summer reading lists?

Deja: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Kelly: Definitely give Big Little Lies a try, its a great beach read and then you can binge the HBO adaptation.

KTB: Behind Closed Doors - it's a suspenseful page turner that you can finish in a weekend

Ali P: My summer reading list is always long. I'm about to crack open Commonwealth. But if you're looking for something light and easy, Big Little Lies was a quick summer read.

Aly: I just picked up Gabby Bornstein's "The Universe Has Your Back" and find it to be motivating and inspiring so far!

Kris: The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson and 300 Arguments by Sarah Manguso, one of my college professors from Pratt!


How are you cross training in July?

Chelsea: Weightlifting. I was on a really good schedule a while back but have recently fell short. I am excited to get back at it!

Christina: Barry's, trail running, attempting to swim

Kris: Does cross training my brain count? Then taking courses towards getting my Physical Therapy Assistant degree!

KTB: I'm starting to train for the Marine Corps Marathon in October, so I'm getting back into running consistently. I also love to kayak for a fun upper body workout.

Aly: Core work ALL DAY

Ali P: SUP and yoga. Separately, not together.

Kelly: Running outside to take advantage of the gorgeous Boston weather lately

Deja: I really want to do more with the November Project - hoping to get to Harvard Stadium with them a few times this summer!


Any fun Boston/Wellesley/Cape events that we should keep our eyes out for this month?

Deja: Gorillaz!! At the Blue Hills Bank Pavillion

Ali P: Does waiting in line for breakfast at Moonakis count as an event? That's where you'll find me.

Kris: Aeronaut Allston on Wednesdays! BBQ, music, yoga and beer.


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