Instructor Spotlight: Tomas

Instructor Spotlight: Tomas

Sat Dec 2, 2017


If you don’t know our newest instructor in Wellesley, you should! Tomás teaches five TRAIN classes at the Wellesley Training Lab each week Sunday – Tuesday, but his positive energy and electric personality is felt from miles away. His background in mixed martial arts, attention to detail, and ability to connect music with movement makes his class not only highly effective, but super fun. After you leave dripping in sweat, you'll still be feeling his mark on sore muscles for days to come. Here are ten things you must know about Tomás:


1. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina….

2. But grew up in Charleston, SC until 2006 when he left for NYC to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology where he acquired a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

3. Lives part time between Boston and NYC

4. Has a first degree black belt in Shorinji Kempo Karate

5. Is also a certified Budokon yoga instructor

6. Recently adopted a four legged fur baby, a terrier mix named Suri, with his boyfriend

7. Hates olives with passion

8. Loves chicken wings with passion

9. Has a deep love, teetering on an obsession, for many styles of music and can often get lost in the beat of the music

10. Believes fitness saved his life, and that it can be the most contagious form of self-improvement, for both body and mind.



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