Instructor Spotlight: Mooch

Instructor Spotlight: Mooch

Tue Aug 8, 2017


Some of you know her as Christina, others know her by Mooch. Regardless of what you're calling her, you're bound to get a huge smile from this small bundle of energy. As one of the newest recruits to the B/SPOKE team, Mooch has been taking the stage by storm and throwing down some of the biggest beats she can find. Have we got your attention yet? Read on for the inside scoop on her life, upcoming fitness trends, and all things fitness. 


Where are you from?

Born and raised (and what the kids are calling these days #ShirtlessInTheSuburbs) in Andover, MA to two incredible parents who loved working hard and being humble. I found my love for sports after watching my mom continue her career in group fitness and my dad finish his run as a professional power lifter. Needless to say, fitness is in my blood. As a three sport athlete in high school I wanted to take my talents to college and found myself at Bucknell University running track (and getting a great education when I had some free time, thanks mom!). Post college, I followed my heart to the Big Apple to start my career in corporate America (which lasted all of 5 years). I transferred to Denver where my love of fitness, outdoors and overall healthy lifestyle flourished (don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for a huge bowl of chips and guac and a margarita). I recognized this whole healthy lifestyle thing may be a good track for me to explore, so after spending 4 years in the Mile High City of Denver, I found my way back to Boston to pursue my passion for fitness and coaching others what I learn and love in the city I call home.


Some fun facts about yourself:

Love arts and crafts, puppies make me melt (and by puppies I mean any dog, any breed, any color), and being late drives me crazy!


What do health and fitness mean to you?

Not sure this question could be any more loaded. I could give you the long and short of it, you have one body. One place for your personality, charisma, humor, love, laughter, everything… one place for all of that to live. So why the hell wouldn’t you take care of that place? I recognized after watching my father battle ALS for 10 years, that your health is a privilege and that alone motivates every single R/DE. You wake up with the ability to walk and talk every day – some don’t. Some can’t. It’s a privilege you lose sight of until you lose it or see a loved one lose it. Take care of that beautiful body.


What inspired you to be an instructor?

I have always loved to motivate others - my classmates, my former/current teammates, my friends. When my motivation started to inspire and empower those around me I realized I could be onto something. Something bigger than myself. Something that would make me fly out of bed at 4am every morning for. Something that moved me in a way I didn’t think a “job” could.


You recently participated in a 250 mile bike ride, can you tell us a little about that?

I’ve participated in the Tri State Trek 7 years in a row… even have my own badass team, Team Mooch! This race focuses on raising funds and creating awareness around ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a neurodegenerative disease that steals all your mobility, essentially leaving you paralyzed but your mind is completely intact. This 3 day 280 mile ride is my favorite weekend of the year which is why we refer to it as Trekmas (it’s my Christmas in June). My team has grown to 18 people over the past 2 years (I have margaritas to thank for that) and they are the most incredible people in the world. None of us are road cyclists however we jump on those saddles and ride because we can.


You teach at B/SPOKE and Barry’s as well as having some private clients, when you have some downtime what does your personal fitness routine look like?

I’m a pretty big runner and I love a good lift session at the gym. Since moving back from Colorado, I have yet to get back into rock climbing (any takers?!) but love moving my body in new ways to find inspiration in classes.


What do you like to do on a day off?

Head to the beach with a good book, ride a bike along the water, sit on a boat all day… the options are limitless.


As someone who lives and breathes fitness are there any new trends in the industry that you’re excited about?

Super excited about recovery methods. As a young athlete, my body would always bounce right back after a competition or a hard workout. Now, teaching 3-4 classes a day, it’s super important to recover. I’ve also always been intrigued by nutrition, more so after hanging up my sprinting spikes because I realized how much the human body (especially as you get older) relies on food.


What is the best concert/festival you’ve been to?

Hands down, Reggae on the Rocks at Red Rocks in Colorado. A day full of reggae music on the best sounding stage in all the land.


Favorite era of music?

90’s, old school rap, and pearl jam mid 90’s.





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