2018 Fitness Resolutions

2018 Fitness Resolutions

Mon Jan 1, 2018


Every year, the turn of the calendar unleashes a fresh set of goals – whether for your personal life, career or fitness. The fitness industry is one that is constantly evolving and changing, which means that there are always things that you will strive for, that will challenge you, and things you will accomplish.


We asked our team of fitness and lifestyle gurus their 2018 goals. Here’s what they had to say:


Aly, Senior Lead Instructor and Director of Talent (R/DE): I will learn how to safely lift on my own so that I can do solo gym sessions 1x / week. #chickswholift


Victoria, Instructor (R/DE): My goal is to add resistance band exercises and Pilates to my workout routine as well as use the foam roller more to recover instead of staring at it every night! #selfcare.


Emily, Wellesley Studio Manager: My goal is to run at least 3 half marathons in 2018 and to improve my pace through spinning, lifting and yoga.


Lindsay, Instructor (R/DE): I want to practice mindfulness both physically by giving my body the types of workouts it needs (yoga, strength training), and also spiritually by staying present in the moment and not being distracted by social media. 


Jen, Instructor (R/DE and TRAIN): To try a variety of different workouts like barre, Barry’s, Pilates, and whatever I can find! I want to spend more time working out for myself.


Chelsea, Instructor (R/DE and TRAIN): My goal is for more mindfulness. To truly embrace and live each and every day not wasting a second and to continue to grow as a fitness instructor. I will strive to leave the noise outside the studio and focus on movements, breath and strength for as long as the class may take.


Tomas, Lead Instructor (TRAIN): With 2017 being a tough year for me, I'm looking forward to slowing my own personal workout regimen down this year. My greatest resolution to myself is more yoga and pilates, meditation practices, and hopefully in return... incorporating more mindfulness in my own teaching style. I feel as though when we have big moments of growth, we need big moments of reflection to follow. 2018 for me is all about slowing down, reflecting, and enjoying the ride just a bit more!


Kris, Instructor and Federal Street Studio Manager: I want a visible 8 pack! More core work in general because that's what keeps my back feeling strong and healthy. I also want to focus on being smart about food prep, specifically buying in bulk and freezing food when I can.


Mark, Co-Founder: As our brand continues to expand, it can sometimes be hard to keep a clear and focused mind as I am constantly wearing so many different “hats” each day. In 2018, I plan to meditate more often and consistently as I know the benefits are boundless.


Cheers to another year of strength, power and community. Happy New Year!



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