Being an athlete and leader runs deep in Booch’s roots. A 2X All-American in Lacrosse and Top 10 Scorer for Babson has helped shape her to be a top notch instructor with a passion for hard work. Her desire to be part of a kick-ass team after college eventually led her to the instructor podium and she hasn’t looked back since. A self proclaimed “homebody,” family is always first for the Medford born redhead. Outside of B/SPOKE, Lindsay “Booch” Bucci is a traveling sales rep and ALWAYS on the go. Catch her when she’s “off” and she’s probably taking a friend’s fitness class in Boston followed by a very fun and tasty brunch.

“I want to give my clients the best classes, encourage them to lead more balanced healthier lifestyles, and inspire them to grow through taking risks in and out of the studio.”