Known around the city for her kickass barre classes, teaching indoor cycling quickly became the next goal for Victoria.  As much time as she spends inside the studio, she still knows her way around the city’s best places to see live music and most importantly, the best spots to dance.  Despite her love for fun, Victoria is all business once the mic goes on.  Her cueing is impeccably timed and motivating.  Her choreography, always spot on.  As you can imagine from someone born and raised in Boston, she’s got a little edge to her.  But, fortunately for our riders, it only comes out when she's telling you to keep adding that resistance.




Wed 7.18 11:35 AM Boston R/DE
Wed 7.18 12:45 PM Boston R/DE
Thu 7.19 4:15 PM Wellesley R/DE
Thu 7.19 5:30 PM Wellesley TRAIN
Fri 7.20 4:30 PM Boston R/DE
Fri 7.20 5:30 PM Boston R/DE
Sat 7.21 7:00 AM Wellesley R/DE 60