To book your first class, please follow these 3 easy steps:



1.  REGISTER for an account with us online HERE




2.  BUY a First Time Ride credit HERE




3.  BOOK a bike in any class on our schedule



We want to make sure your first visit to B/SPOKE is fun, stress-free.  Indoor cycling classes are intimidating, so we invite newcomers to tour the studio and get fitted on our bikes by one of our staff members.  No sign up is necessary -- just stop by.  If you're not able to get fit before your first class, please arrive at least 15 minutes early and let the front desk know you need help getting set up on the bike.

All our locker rooms in both the Downtown Boston and Wellesley studios offer showers and luxurious bathroom amenities, along with complimentary towel service.

We definitely want to answer any remaining questions you might have!   Don’t hesitate to contact us via email.  Our address is



Yes.  Our program is designed for both men and women, from beginners to experienced athletes.  If you have any injuries or physical concerns, please inform your instructor before class so they can give you advice on how to modify any portion of the workout, if necessary.  In the end, it’s YOUR ride.

Thank you for coming, but please:

1. NO cell phones allowed in class.  It distracts others and also takes away from your own experience.  Unplugging for 45 minutes out of an entire day can be very therapeutic and is such a small price to pay.


2. If you MUST leave class early for any reason, please tell the instructor ahead of time or signal to them on your way out that you’re OK and nothing is wrong.


3. If you choose to stay for the end of class stretch period, please stay for the whole part.


4. Wear clean clothes.  Sweaty people...elbow to elbow…enough said.


5. Shower quickly when possible.  There's nothing like a shower after an intense workout but please try to limit your shower time to a maximum of five minutes so other people can have a chance to rinse off and get back to their day ON TIME!

Drink lots of water before, during, and after your class.  Staying hydrated is a BIG part of staying healthy.

Eat a small snack 45 minutes before class.  Exercising on a very full or empty stomach is not recommended.

Wear comfortable clothes designed for exercise (NOT street clothes!).  Our program has you frequently moving off and on the bike seat, so baggy bottoms are NOT recommended.  Fitted biking shorts with padded liners are ideal, if you have them.

All of our instructors are hand selected for their love of music and ability to interpret our program in their own unique style.  We encourage you to learn more about their background and musical tastes via their online bios which can be found HERE.

Booking Window


Our booking window goes live on Sundays at 5pm ET.  Classes are available to be booked online through the end of the following Monday.  The online schedule will always reflect the most up to date information regarding substitutions and cancellations.  Riders on an Unlimited package may book up to seven reservations at one time.  



Cancellation Policy


If you want to cancel a booking, you can do so online up to 12 hours before the start of the class via My Account > My Classes, or by calling the studio.  After this, we will be unable to reimburse your account for the credit.  For those with Unlimited packages, late cancellations (up to 1 hour before the start of class) will result in a $10 fee applied to your account for each occurrence.  No Shows will be charged $20.  Please call the studio to discuss unusual circumstances. 



If a class is full, you can join the waitlist.  Joining the waitlist is like signing up for class.  One credit in your account is needed.  As bikes become available they will be automatically allocated to the waitlist on a first come, first served basis.  If you are allocated a bike through the waitlist you will be notified by email.  Please make sure you cancel your place if you no longer wish to be on the waitlist for a class.  You can do this at any point online without penalty via My Account > My Classes, unless you have already been added to the class from the waitlist.  Once you are assigned a bike, the normal cancellation policy is in effect.  If no bikes become available by the start of the class, the credit will be returned to your account.


Please note, we open up empty bikes to waitlisted riders starting 3 minutes before class.  If your name gets called out and you are not in the studio, you will be counted as a No Show and penalized depending on your credit package.


If a waitlist reaches 10 riders, the class will be designated as FULL on the schedule and unavailable until space on the waitlist becomes available.



Booking For Clients


Booking multiple bikes in a class is now very easy.  If you wish to book a bike for you and client(s), you can do so directly via the website.

No.  We cater to riders of all ages and fitness backgrounds.  Some of our classes are more challenging than others but we offer a non-judgmental and non-intimidating environment to sweat in.  We also offer R/DE BASICS once a month on our schedule which is a class that focuses more on getting set up and proper technique for both beginners and intermediate riders.

Wear comfortable clothes designed for exercise (NOT street clothes!).  Our program has you frequently moving off and on the bike seat, so baggy bottoms are NOT recommended.  Fitted biking shorts with padded liners are ideal, if you have them.

You are more than welcome to bring your own cycling shoes (see below) but know that we offer complimentary shoe rental and towel service.  We do encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle with you to class.  Our water refilling stations are free of charge for you to use as needed.  If you forget your water bottle, we do offer several options for sale.

CYCLING SHOES:  All of our bikes are compatible with SPD cleats.  In our Wellesley studio, the FRONT ROW and SIDE BAR bikes are dual compatible with SPD and LOOK Delta cleats.