The B/SPOKE App provides quick access to class schedules, booking your next class, and other ways of staying in touch.  To get started using it, please follow the below instructions:


1.  Download the app in the ITunes Store HERE




2.  Click 'LOGIN'






PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must create a NEW app account (even if you already have a B/SPOKE website account)





4.  Please choose your primary studio location even if you use multiple studios




5.  Fill in the rest of the necessary information and click 'Submit' to successfully create an app account




6.  After you've created an app login, go ahead and sign in to the app


7.  The app will prompt you to enter your B/SPOKE website login credentials the first time you go to book a class or purchase a credit.  This is just an extra security measure.




As long as you keep the app open and don't close all your browser windows, you will stay logged in.