New to B/SPOKE

Getting Started

Welcome! We can’t wait to meet you. New studios and workouts can be overwhelming so let’s get you familiar with all we have to offer and what to expect so you can feel confident about your experience and focused on you.

Have any lingering questions that are not answered below?  Feel free to reach out to us or take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section HERE.


Full-body workout comprised of intense cardio, hand weights, and core work set to Boston’s best playlists, all packed into a 45 minute session that will transform the way you look and feel.  For those looking to dial things up, we also offer longer classes ranging from 60 to 101 minutes!


We offer three OFF-THE-BIKE STRENGTH focused classes: CIRCUIT, TRAIN X + TRAIN. STRENGTH classes work on building strength across all major body parts through interval and resistance training, HIIT, body-weight exercises, and anaerobic bursts. By blending cardio, strength, and core, STRENGTH classes deliver a FULL BODY WORKOUT, suitable for all fitness levels.


YOGA is a vinyasa based practice for all levels, with intelligent and effective sequencing to help you flow through each posture with intention. Each class follows a structure that allows freedom and creativity for the instructor to create a sequence around a theme, area of the body and/or a peak pose.


Class Descriptions

  • R/DE

    Our signature ride is a full-body workout comprised of intense cardio, hand weights, and core work all set to amazing playlists and packed into a 45 minute session that will transform the way you look and feel.


    Resistance R/DE is a high-intensity endurance workout set to the beat of the music with minimal choreography and more resistance work than our traditional R/DE class. By combining interval training with heavy climbs, this class format builds strength and endurance, while leaving you breathless.

  • R/DE 60

    Sometimes 45 minutes just isn't enough. When you need the extra push, R/DE 60 leaves you feeling fit and totally worked in the best way. Get ready to test your limits. We'll provide the extra towels.


    We love using our studio and community to help raise funds and awareness for charities of all sorts. If you're interested in hosting your next fundraiser at B/SPOKE, contact us via


How To Book A Class

Three Steps

1. REGISTER for an account with us online 2. BUY a First Time credit 3. BOOK a spot in any class on our schedule

Before Class

When To Arrive

We recommend arriving 15 minutes early. Be sure to check in with the front desk upon arrival.

During Class

What To Wear

Wear comfortable clothes designed for exercise (NOT street clothes!). Our program has you frequently moving off and on the bike seat, so baggy bottoms are NOT recommended. PLEASE NOTE: sneakers are required for TRAIN.

After Class

Are There Showers?

There are multiple showers in both the Men's and Women’s locker rooms at our Boston and Wellesley studios. Complimentary towels, hair dryers, and bath and body products are also provided.