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At B/SPOKE, we're changing the way Boston sweats. With 'pay-as-you-go' classes and no membership or initiation fees, we make feeling great more convenient for both men and women regardless of your age, fitness background or position in life. Our Downtown Boston and Wellesley indoor cycling classes are intense but attainable. Our studios balance luxury and function to provide an experience that is unrivaled. From the playlists we curate to the apparel we design, B/SPOKE spin classes are more than just fitness. It's about making lifestyle decisions easier for you to feel better.

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  • Not for the faint of heart, HOT R/DE is the sweatiest ride on the schedule. We slow it down and crank up the heat for a 45min class that will let you sweat out your day and clear your mind. With the A/C off and the lights low, be prepared for a hill heavy, bass bumpin’ ride. T-shirts optional, sports bras encouraged, spare water bottle required.

  • Our signature ride is a full-body workout comprised of intense cardio, hand weights, and core work all set to amazing playlists and packed into a 45 minute session that will transform the way you look and feel.

  • Our take on your traditional Bootcamp class, TRAIN is a High Intensity OFF-THE-BIKE workout that focuses on movements matched entirely to the beat of the music. Expect heart-pounding cardio mixed in with full-body strength training that will tone muscle, develop core strength, and increase mobility.

  • Our signature ride set to a mix of old school beats and recent tracks, requires nothing but a love of all things Hip Hop. Bring some friends and be ready to SWEAT.

  • Nostalgia is one of the most powerful emotions we can experience. Take a walk down memory lane as we curate special playlists using nothing after 2007.

  • For those that would like to occasionally supplement our signature R/DE class with their own training regimen, we offer the OPEN R/DE session. Reserve a bike and take full advantage of the studio and amenities for any part of the 2 hour period with NO INSTRUCTOR.

  • We love using our studio and community to help raise funds and awareness for charities of all sorts. If you're interested in hosting your next fundraiser at B/SPOKE, contact us via hello@bspokestudios.com

  • Some times 45 minutes just isn't enough. When you need the extra push, R/DE 60 leaves you feeling fit and totally worked in the best way. Get ready to test your limits. We'll provide the extra towels.

  • On the first Saturday of every month come test your endurance with this extended 75 minute ride. Expect the same intensity with bigger climbs, longer sprints and breathless jogs. Throughout the month this class will become a R/DE 60 so that you can build your strength, reach your PRs and prepare for this ride. This is a great way to cross train for you long runs coming in the spring and keep your body primed for that next road race.

  • You don’t get to join the ranks of our current team without a little (READ: A LOT) of practice. In order to bring our family of riders into the process, our new COMMUNITY R/DE will feature our latest and most promising instructors. Come check out their moves and see where the brand is headed. Credits for Community Rides are only $15 but all other packages are also accepted.

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Music is important to us. It sparks the flame within and helps fuel all our endeavours.

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