At B/SPOKE, we believe fitness can be fun and inspiring. For many of us, it's a form of therapy -- a way to forget yesterday, take back today, or change tomorrow. We respect the mind / body / spirit connection. We employ a holistic approach to helping our riders find a sustainable path to better health and personal growth, all while having a great time in our Boston studio.

We chose the Downtown area as the site for our premier studio because we believe that the area's growth and new developments embody the exciting transformations taking place throughout Boston right now. Previously used as a commercial bank, the B/SPOKE space was completely redesigned with an "industrial Zen" aesthetic and state-of-the-art sound system that calm the mind, elevate the mood, and stir the senses. The materials and finishes used throughout were carefully chosen for their unique character and sense of strength and harmony, our homage to the city's strong historical foundation and extraordinary resilience of the people of Boston.

Fitness is a lifestyle decision. And so we also offer online performance tracking, nutritional advice, exceptional amenities, and a regular journal to act as a loose guide to living a fun, healthy, and balanced life in Boston. We want it all to be as convenient as possible, with classes throughout the day to suit any hectic schedule. No contracts, no hassle, everything done quickly and easily online.

We’re Mark and Ryan, two friends and life enthusiasts who want to redefine how Boston thinks and feels about fitness. Indoor cycling became an escape and solution for us when injuries and other life circumstances tried to sideline us. We wanted to share our experience and created B/SPOKE to be a destination for willing bodies to come together and use fitness as a catalyst that inspires positive life change. Exercise is just one element in the larger journey of being healthy and feeling good about yourself. In fact, we launched a B/SPOKE journal to help guests find inspiration in music art, fashion, and the fascinating personal stories of not-so-average Bostonians. Because in the ongoing quest to find balance in life, we highly recommend the use of our program along with a healthy diet, invigorating hobbies, some stimulating conversation, and the occasional good read. Oh, and a glass of wine now and then doesn't hurt, either.